Support Staff

ELIZIA RICO, Receptionist, joined Fleming and Curti May of 2013. She is currently a student at PiElizia Ricoma Community College studying Nutrition, Physical therapy and soon to be a certified CrossFit trainer. Enjoys spending time with her Family, watching movies and CrossFitting with her boyfriend.

SYMANTHA LIETZ, Receptionist, is new to Fleming & Curti, PLC. We always give the new kids a little time to get used to the idea of being "outed" online. We're working on her picture, too.

Jameson YorkJAMESON YORK, Systems Administrator, is a Southern California transplant who came to Tucson to be close to his girlfriend, now wife. Hired at Fleming & Curti primarily to take care of court filing and the like, he quickly proved essential to the continued smooth operation of office computers and systems. Appropriately enough for that background, Jameson's personal interests run to computers, systems and online gaming.

Oh, wait. There's more. Jameson and Robyn are also parents -- of two perfect grandsons -- Kieran and Thorin (their perfection is as judged by proud grandfather Robert Fleming).

Jason Clark, Court RunnerJason Clark

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